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Rodger Hyatt

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Why buy high quality solo ads from me?
I have nurtured my huge list of subscribers for many years now.
I treat my list right, so they tend to do as I recommend..
Other methods of building your list take a lot of work and a lot of time.
High quality solo ad are NO work for you and the traffic comes in very fast!
Let me send out the best high quality solo ad for you, then you can have a list built instantly with highly targeted and eager buyers!
Most people make their money back on the advertising right away with a well constructed funnel in place!

Your email will be sent out to my own list and NOT to pop ups, pop unders or traffic exchanges. It is also sent to my buyers list as well.

I treat your email ad like it is my own offer I am sending, after all, it's my list!


*If the page I have to send my subscribers to does not
meet my approval, you will be refunded immediately. 1.png

Monthly Traffic Solution

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Special Solo Ad Deals

1000 Clicks $550 .55/Click



 500 Clicks $280 .56/Click



400 Clicks $228 .57/Click



300 Clicks $174 .58/Click



200 Clicks $118 .59/Click



100 Clicks $60  .60/Click



50 Clicks $35  .70/Click




Want Only TOP TIER Traffic

I Have JUST What You Are Looking For!

 Receive 100% TOP TIER Traffic

100 Clicks $100



200 Clicks $190



300 Clicks $270



400 Clicks $340

Due to the nature of this service, I understand there are no refunds.



500 Clicks $400

Due to the nature of this service, I understand there are no refunds.

Rodger did an amazing job!
I got the service of 250 clicks and received 108 leads!
That is a 43,2% conversion rate which is an amazing result!
I will use his service again,
Thanks Rodger!

quality solo ads
Rui Ludovino

Rodger was an absolute pleasure to work with.
He was professional and provided a great service.
Got a great conversion on my 250 solo
and will most definitely use him again.

quality solo ads
Malcolm Robinson

I had heard that Rodger's solo ads were the 'creme of the crop', but when I purchased 500 clicks I had no idea of the insanely good results I'd soon be getting.

Not only did I get nearly 600 clicks (100 more than I ordered) but my opt-in rate was a whopping 55% and over 17% of the leads ended up converting into sales over the next 5 days!

I am absolutely shocked at the quality of traffic Rdoger delivers and his solo ads get my HIGHEST recommendation.

quality solo ads
Cory Friedman

Rodger exceeded our expectations both in terms of quality and quantity. Our 250 click purchase quickly provided us 580+ clicks with many opt-ins. Rodger will continue to get our business given these great results and his responsiveness. Thanks, Rodger!

quality solo ads
Nathan Witt

Hi Rodger,

I am very happy with my 250 click solo you sent out for me last night.. I think you sent around 4PM EST for me and when I got up this morning, you had already delivered 0ver 240 unique click so far...

And I know from experience that this will rise another 70 at least over a few more days.. I also received over *130 new subscribers* from the send!

"Truly Happy" and will be back for more, and also recommend you to my clients and students..

Thank you for the fast service!

quality solo ads
Roy Fielding

Great Solo ad!

Got amazing results and added a ton of people to my list.

Not to mention a back end sale already!

Great Solo!

Thanks again, I will be buying again!

quality solo ads
Geoffrey Williams

Hi Rodger,

Kevin here...

Thanks for the solo and getting my clicks going right away and giving me video play by play on my solo ad progress.

So far I got 130 plus new leads and their still coming...Thanks Rodger!

quality solo ads
Kevin Himmelman

Hey Rodger,

Awesome service!

This was the first paid solo I had ever done, so of course I had about a million questions.

I added him on skype and he was able to answer every single one of them fully.

He's a great guy to work with, and the results were incredible!

It would take me about two months of SEO to get the same results that he helped me get in one day.

I'm buying my second ad with him right now : )


Rodger continues to over deliver.

He's provided us the best solo ad results for our last two promotions and look forward to working with him again!

Just ran my second ad with Rodger, went with the 500 clicks this time. :)

He WAY over delivered, just like the first time.

In the last 2 days, Rodger has helped me generate more leads online than I did in the previous 3 months.

This guy is the real deal and highly recommend his solo ads.

quality solo ads
Landon Stewart

Hey Rodger,

I just wanted to leave this note for you as you did an excellent solo for me the other day.

I picked your 500 uniques solo and you delivered 600+ uniques with 62% optins (382 new subs) and 40 low-price and confirmed sales. (Actually 80 of those new subs pressed the buy it now button but for one reason or the other didn't complete the purchase)

Suffice to say I made all money back paid for your solo and I'm confident that with one mail to those new subs, I'll be in profit :)

For all the above, I highly recommend your solo ad service to anyone reading this testimonial.

All The Best,

quality solo ads
Kostas Papadakis

Hi Rodger,

Thanks for the nice solo!

Delivery of clicks were fast, nice optin rate and I made a good amount of sales (9 sales to be exact) from your 1k click solo which made my investment back, plus I now have more subs to squeeze cash from.

Keep up the good work!

All the best,

quality solo ads
Angelo Sayson

I purchased a solo ad from Rodger and He over-delivered. Amazing solo ad seller and very pleasant to work with. I purchased 500 unique clicks and he gave me over 45 clicks more than I had ordered. From my solo ad I got over 200 optins to my list and my one time offer brought in a little over $140 bucks. I love when I make money to reinvest back into my business. thanks again Rodger!

You rock!!!

Alex Mensah

quality solo ads
Alex Mensah

I see MANY people using crap like budurl and other link shorteners... these are blocked by MOST email clients! So your mail never get's seen! For the love of god... use a decent tracker that doesn't get blocked..
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